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Melbourne relaxes virus lockdown restrictions

“We are ahead of schedule. We have made more progress than we had hoped to make at this point. This is something we can all be happy about. But that doesn’t mean it’s over. “With respect to public gatherings outside, a household or a limit of five people of no more than two households will be able to assemble outside to, whether in a park, do this kind of thing. things. This is more than we hoped to achieve. “Tonight will be the last night of the curfew.” It will be up from 5 am tomorrow. And I want to make a very important additional announcement on this. Once the curfew was lifted, that is to say the last night of tonight, we decided that a new fine, a fine of almost $ 5,000, just under $ 5,000, would be fine. will apply for any outdoor gathering or illegal indoor gathering. “We believe that we can take, all other things being equal, the next step, which is when all the restrictions leave your home when there is a lot more freedom of movement, we think we can take this important step. October 19.

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