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RetroMania Wrestling will “presumably” be delayed on Switch due to certification delay

After many disappointing catch games on Switch, we look forward to RetroMania Wrestling. An official sequel to the 1991 arcade title WWF Wrestlefest, it was previously confirmed for a release on February 26. Unfortunately, we’ll be waiting a bit longer before it launches.

It comes down to late certification issues and developers Retrosoft Studios have confirmed that this affects all versions of the console, not just the Switch version. Currently, only the Steam edition is still released on February 26.

Describing this via a Twitter wire, team leader Mike Hermann offered this statement.

We will likely have a short delay in the console release of RetroMania Wrestling as we have not yet completed the certification process.
As such, we will be extending the pre-order price of $ 24.99 in our launch window to allow those of you to get the game at the pre-order price who planned to pre-order the game once you do. it would be on eShops and stores. . We do not anticipate the timeframe will exceed two weeks and we hope it will be less than that.

The Steam version will still launch as planned on February 26. Thank you all as we begin to launch the game. Each pre-order has given me the assurance that we are doing something that many people will love to play. We have good plans to add more content if the game takes off as I think it does. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please email me directly at [email protected]

As you might expect, it’s not available on the eShop at this time, but you can pre-order a Switch digital copy through Retrosoft Studio website. Normally priced at $ 29.99, early adopters can get it for $ 24.99. A Limited physical version of the Run Games is also confirmed but for the moment we are waiting for more details.

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