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Skyforge Review (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life

Editor’s Note: The developer claims that a fix is ​​currently pending certification with Nintendo that aims to improve the performance of Skyforge on Switch. However, it appears that the availability of this fix is ​​still unknown at this time. With that in mind, we are releasing our review before the fix goes live, so keep in mind that this may resolve some of the issues that were raised in this review.

The Allods team Skyforge, which has been around since 2015 is a pretty mediocre MMORPG at best – even if it performs as well as it gets and looks relatively decent on PC, PS4, or Xbox. This is a sci-fi / fantasy effort that throws players headlong into irrelevant repetitive missions that take place in dull, lifeless locations where you use the same handful of standard boggy moves. to satiety against enemies who really don’t seem to know or care about being in combat. On Switch, this global mediocrity plunges into real disaster territory.

In Skyforge, you take on the role of an immortal, an all-powerful warrior whose job it is to protect the citizens of the planet Aelion, a world besieged by alien invaders since its god and guardian, Aeli, suddenly vanished. The big hook here is that there are eighteen different immortal classes to play and freely switch between them at any time, fifteen of which – unless you’ve stupidly paid real money for an upgraded edition. – must be unlocked by forcing a path with one of the three base types – Paladin, Cryomancer and Lightbinder – available from the start.

The pace of missions and combat here is pretty harmless, and Skyforge throws you into its action in a commendable way quickly. After a brief (and absolutely interrupted) conversation with Herida, the Immortal Advisor of the game’s Friendly Neighborhood, you quickly make your way to one of the game’s uninspiring, hallway-filled battlefields where you’ll use a combination of light attacks. and heavy and “spectacular” divine special moves to tear apart Reapers, Phytonids, Oceanids, demons and all manner of other evil aliens.

As you fight, kill and die and repeat, you will improve your stats and unlock new moves, all the while collecting disappointing loot and shiny credits from the bodies of your fallen foes. Skyforge uses a Prestige system that unlocks access to more powerful items and gear as you level up, and this is tied to the number of Followers your character has managed to amass through their divine good deeds. There are, depending on the extremely slow maps in the game, a fair number of planets and places to travel to while you spend your time leveling up and unlocking here; this is definitely not an adventure that lacks content, and it seems easy enough to join with other players in order to get through the hacked missions in a party if you want to. However, the real problem – and the major problem we have with this Switch port – is that this is such a completely chaotic mess technically that it’s hard to care or care about. to remain so for the time it takes to do so. various mechanics to settle and evolve.

The idea of ​​playing this version of this playing long enough to unlock fifteen more classes in the hopes of finding something that tickles you or clicks on a game level is a truly nauseating prospect. If we seem to be a little rude to Skyforge, well, unfortunately, if you’re willing to hand over a dumpster fire in a port like this, that’s all you can reasonably expect in return.

The Switch may have had its fair share of conversions over the years, but it’s also been shown that with a little work and effort, even big AAA titles can arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid console in a enjoyable playable state. Skyforge, even on more powerful consoles, isn’t a game that looks like it’s going to have issues to make the jump here. It’s not Warframe-level stuff; it’s not particularly impressive to watch, the battles take place in small bland arenas, there aren’t a lot of details anywhere, and the fights consist of a relatively small number of enemies. Why then, are we looking at a port that constantly stutters, repeatedly bugs, returns to the console home screen, has excruciating load times, and absolutely refuses to function properly anytime you start it? until you finally got it out of frustration and dismay?

Almost every aspect of Skyforge performs poorly on Switch as it is now. Audio constantly skips, hisses and mutes, menus are unresponsive and take time to respond to your inputs and NPCs stop talking in the middle of a sentence during conversations which see their mouths chatting even when no one is speaking. Items you loot take an age to load as you browse their models in your inventory, muddy textures constantly appear in front of your face, load times are far, far too long, and frequent as you move from area to area. Another, the resolution on the docking station and handheld is dire… and all of this before you’ve even started a mission.

Once in combat, things get even more complicated. Engaging with enemies here is a choppy, confusing disaster that makes fights terrible. You can always put together combos – press X twice and follow it with Y and your paladin will perform a few hits followed by a thunderbolt – but it’s always delayed and you never feel like you’re doing this. as you want whenever you want. Be stupid enough to try and pull off a special high god attack and the whole masquerade slows down into a desperate, janky crawl.

Enemy attacks, especially in portable mode where Skyforge is operating at very low resolution, appear as unreadable flailing; a mess of limbs that cannot really be deciphered. Worse yet, the dismal AI means your enemies will be standing around quite often while you hit them. We’ve fought bosses in this game where we’ve stood still on their faces and cried over them, never dodging them – a move that maddeningly takes place on a click of the L3 button and can’t be changed – or in using our little shield bubble as they just stand there and take it until they die.

There is also the specter of “pay to win” to be addressed here. If you can handle this mess long enough that you want to spend real money Unlocking all these different classes, you can also pony up to advance faster by buying into a premium system which has a VIP level which rewards various stat bonuses. We haven’t played around with the game enough to see how it really plays out over the long haul, but the incremental stat boosts you can pay to win aren’t a good look, let’s face it. There’s also a ton of extremely expensive cosmetic gear to splash around on, but honestly it all looks so bad due to the low res and muddy textures it’s hard to see why anyone would ever care. It’s really not great to tear up the work of people like this, but Skyforge on Switch really feels like the Allods team did the absolute minimum they could and then shipped; it’s hard to believe anyone who played this and felt it was in any way good to leave.

If it weren’t for the endless and constant technical issues, Skyforge might well, may be, be a fair time limit; a really standard MMORPG to spend a few hours, but in this state it’s definitely not worth watching. Of course, it’s free, so there’s no harm in downloading it and giving it a whirl for yourself – besides the fact that it’ll cost you twenty-one gigabytes of your precious internal storage – but honestly we can just ‘I don’t see anyone spending more than a handful of hours with this game in its current state before doing everything. Your free time is worth more than that, honestly.


Skyforge is a properly mediocre MMORPG that perhaps could have been quite a reasonable amount of time for a group of friends or solo players who just want to mindlessly blast through its content without giving too much thought. There’s no shortage of content here, and the idea of ​​having eighteen different classes to master is appealing. However, this Switch port is a huge technical disappointment; it’s such a lazy, janky, stuttering, buggy, low res mess that it’s hard to see how anyone could be bothered to stick with it long enough to properly engage with all it has to offer. If you need an MMORPG to play on your Switch right now, we recommend downloading and playing pretty much whatever is available because seriously, it’s not that.

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