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Talking point: what are you playing this weekend? (March 6)

Pokémon Blue

With new “Switch Pro” rumors and confirmation that Nintendo has no intention to back down from his decision to erase Mario from existence at the end of the month, it has been a roller coaster week. Fortunately, now is the time for us to take a break and discuss our weekend game plans.

The Nintendo Life team members have done exactly that below, so feel free to read our entries and then join yours through our comments section. Enjoy!

Kate Gray, editor

Unsurprisingly, I am still Valheim– a lot this week. Most of my gaming sessions involve going somewhere new, almost at once die, then have to do an ill-advised naked corpse race. It’s really fun.

In Nintendo’s world, however, there has been a lot of farming, which actually makes an interesting parallel with Valheim, a survival game with farming and crafting, but also monsters. I played a lot History of the seasons: the pioneers of Olive Town for our overview, and I am also playing Harvest Moon: One World, too much. Playing both at the same time doesn’t really do either of them a favor, and I’m thinking of doing a song that compares and contrasts them directly so that no one else has to experience it for themselves!

I also downloaded My time in Portia and History of the seasons: friends of the mineral city as a palate cleanser when I’m done with these two sets. I caught the agriculture bug again. Help.

My partner keeps pushing his way Lawyer Ace, if anyone is wondering – it is currently on the case of Acro. I really hope Capcom will do it again Apollo Justice before you get to the end of the trilogy!

Zion Grassl, video producer

It’s interesting how, as a person working for a gaming journalism website, with a bevy of games at my disposal, I found myself having a ridiculous joy in playing. Pokémon Blue on my Game Boy Color. I just hit the Safari Zone and I really feel the ‘I have to catch them all’ spirit, so I’m probably not going to continue until I do exactly that. Also, I do not remember for the life of me why there is the possibility of throwing a stone? Aren’t you supposed to get Pokémon to like you? Pretty sure if I had thrown a stone at my girlfriend she would have run away a long time ago …

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