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Goldman Shows How To Play The Return Of The Global Economy – With Tesla And More

The Wall St. Bull is seen in the financial district of New York.

Brendan McDermid | Reuters

Goldman Sachs created two new baskets of shares to help clients negotiate a major global economic rebound after the coronavirus pandemic.

The Bank of Wall Street estimates global growth of 6.7% in 2021, “well above” the US consensus, while in Europe and emerging markets, the bank said the pace of economic growth and health improvements “are underestimated”.

Its equity baskets – Global Cyclicals and Global Defensives – are designed to help investors select the riskiest stocks as well as those that can protect their portfolios. Cyclical stocks tend to do well when discretionary consumer spending is trending higher, while defensive stocks generally offer consistent returns regardless of market conditions.

Goldman analysts led by Guillaume Jaisson included You’re here in their Global Cyclicals basket, among other automakers, in a research note released Thursday.

Here are 10 stocks from each of the baskets:

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