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Hori Releases Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Mat

Ring-shaped adventureFamitsu

Exercise, whether you’re a fan of it or not, is arguably more important than ever after the year we’ve had, and to cheer everyone on, peripheral maker Hori is releasing a special padded mat for the Nintendo Switch title. Ring-shaped adventure.

Yes, if you get by with a regular yoga mat you can now upgrade to this fancy new mat which can be spread out or folded in half. When folded in half, the additional padding of the mat makes certain exercises for the body easier. The design of its surface means it won’t slip off either.

The dimensions of this mat are 610mm x 1800mm and its thickness is 4mm when deployed and 8mm folded.

Ring-shaped adventureFamitsu

This special Ring Fit Adventure exercise mat goes on sale in Japan on July 2 of this year and is priced at ¥ 6,470 (around $ 57), according to a listing on Amazon.

It is not yet known that this rug is available outside of this region, but if we hear anything we will be sure to let you know. Would you be interested in a Ring Fit Adventure mat? Tell us below.

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