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Hot Wheels gameplay details revealed with new racing footage

Hot Wheels Unleashed has, well, released its first gameplay trailer for fans eager to see. Developers Milestone and Mattel live streamed a showcase of the game earlier today, giving Hot Wheels and racing fans a sneak peek at the next racer.

The video shows pre-alpha footage from a running race. Perhaps the coolest element of Hot Wheels Unleashed is that it appears to be on the scale of Hot Wheels toys / tracks. By that I mean you are a small car racing in a big world. The demonstration takes place in a garage, with the reverse and reverse track weaving through and around shelves and even ceiling vents.

The game doesn’t feature any Mario Kart-esque power-ups (in case you were expecting such things), but is certainly an arcade-style racer that emphasizes drift and boost to get ahead. . Oh, and there’s also a big spider with glowing eyes lurking at one of the checkpoints, capturing hapless drivers with its webs. I just thought you might like to find out before you watch. Check out the pre-alpha gameplay footage below.

The showcase also revealed six of the game’s 60+ vehicles: Rodger Dodger, Twin Mill, Rip Rod, Night Shifter, Dragon Blaster, and Sharkruiser. Cars sport various attributes and rarity levels and can be personalized with designs of your own creation. Custom skins can be uploaded to an online database, where you can also upload other people’s creations. Milestone confirms that more cars will be added after the DLC launches (both free and paid).

How Wheels Unleashed offers a comprehensive track editor, where players can build their own elaborate courses that can be shared with other players in the community. For a single player, there is a career mode with boss fights (yes, boss fights). More social players can take on other players in online multiplayer or locally via a two-player split screen.

You can watch the full 40 minute developer showcase here. Hot Wheels Unleashed releases September 30 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

How do you think Hot Wheels Unleashed is taking shape? Let us know in the comments!

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