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Monster Hunter Rise is the latest Ninjala crossover, and “Collab Gacha” is coming too

GungHo’s Online Arena Brawler Ninjala launched in June of last year as a free Switch exclusive and has continued to build a solid fan base in the months since. Back in January, GungHo celebrated six million downloads, so he’s definitely doing something right. In its five seasons (so far), the game has had several “ collaborations ” – limited-time crossovers with other game series – and the latest collaboration brings Monster Hunter Rise– game-themed avatars, items and more.

Begins to 7 p.m. PT April 27, the collaboration will last a month until 6:59 am PT on May 26, the developers have posted a tweet along with one of their usual Dev Diary videos that gives a full rundown of the themed elements featured (see below).

Players will be able to don Monster Hunter Rise themed armor, create Monster Hunter emotes (including “BBQ Success”, “BBQ Fail” and everyone’s favorite “Weapon Sharpening”), and also get their hands on a IPPON decoration, stickers and assortment of in-game goodies.

The juiciest of these collaboration items – the ‘styles’ of armor – will be tied to a new feature: the unique name ‘Collab Gacha’, a gumball machine that will presumably introduce an element of chance into the style. that you end up with.

The cost of this collaboration for Monster Hunter fans is unclear at this time. Featured Previous Ninjala Collaborations the Puzzles & Dragons series and – perhaps most significant – Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. The latter came with really attractive prices if you wanted the Sonic cosmetic skins – the amount of Jala (Ninjala’s in-game currency) needed to collect the three available skins was £ 48. Sip!

One can only hope that this new contraption is a little more affordable, but that seems unlikely, right? This word “gacha” usually means that the wallet is going to be beaten.

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