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Path Of Exile 2 and Path Of Exile: Detailed Ultimatum

In a live presentation today, Grinding Gear Games showed a significant portion of the content for the upcoming Path of exile 2 and the upcoming expansion, Path of Exile: Ultimatum. If you missed the live broadcast, we’ll catch up to you on the big beats here. First off, you should probably check out the new Path of Exile 2 trailer.

Path of Exile 2 shares space with the current Path of Exile, as both adventures lead to the same endgame experience. However, Path of Exile 2 features a new campaign alongside new weapons and associated abilities that are only available if you play this experience. If you’re ready to play the original Path of Exile campaign, don’t worry – the special items you can only get in the Path of Exile 2 campaign are available in the shared endgame experience. All current characters and purchased microtransactions are compatible with Path of Exile 2. Path of Exile 2 offers weapons that have their own special abilities.

The new crossbow weapon comes with inherent weapon skills, so you will need to have the type of crossbow associated with a special skill in order to reap the benefits. With the new weapons and skills, combat is designed to be more responsive, even at the early levels of the game. Path of Exile 2’s new campaign features seven new acts to engage with, and each zone’s miniboss is designed for be more engaging than some of the boss encounters in Path of Exile that just might be a “bigger” monster with a skill.

While there is certainly a limit to how fancy you can create boss encounters that need to be done solo without any specific class requirements, variables such as use of the environment or response to signals from your boss. the enemy will certainly be adopted here. Another big but subtle change in Path of Exile 2 is the improved animations. For example, using a flask now has a visual effect to inform the player that the effects are active, which is very useful for knowing when a buff is active. Players will also have more choices as they progress through the campaign. Rather than a fully linear structure from point A to point B, players make several choices about which encounters and areas they will tackle at certain times, all tied to facets of the story like moving a caravan. through the desert.

If a taste of what’s in store for Path of Exile 2 isn’t enough, GGG has also laid out plans for the next expansion, Ultimatum. Ultimatum is all about risk and reward, allowing players to play with their victories for increasingly valuable and powerful prizes, but also with more difficult and dangerous enemies to defeat. It’s a simple mechanism, but one that will inevitably lead to some incredible bets that pay off – and some that don’t. While this is essentially about making choices about whether to do increasingly difficult things in sequence, players have some leeway in selecting which demons they will have to endure while being able. to select a modifier before plunging into fate. There are new items that can only be obtained through Ultimatums and even a new boss for endgame explorers to find.

On top of all this, many aspects of previous content offerings have been changed, right up to Sacrifice of the Vaal. Seriously, there are a ton of changes, but they are mainly aimed at making older experiences relevant in today’s environment. Essentially, a massive adjustment to the various weights and reward structures has been done across the board.

What do you think of Path of Exile 2? Are you excited to dive into the new league experience? Let us know in the comments!

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