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Random: Someone created the Skeld map among us in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Of all the cards Among us, including the Newly released airship, the most beloved (or infamous) is Skeld. We saw Skeld redone in Minecraft already, and small model builder Simon from ClayClaim even created a clay and cardboard version.

But Among Us’s fame even reached deserted islands in the middle of nowhere, as Reddit user sillyruckus created the Skeld map on their Animal Crossing: New horizons Isle.

The very first thing you’ll see upon entering the island is a group of passengers among us based on the characters from Lil Bean, and they even have hats to match the ones in the game. On the floor just above the beans , there’s a sign that says “was the impostor”, and all you have to do is stand on top and pose – and just like that, you’ve been thrown into space. TEAR.

Beyond the beans and the impostor is Skeld’s map, recreated with accessories, furniture, floor patterns, and clever landscaping to create the spooky long hallways we all know and love. There’s even a really smart idea: replace the vents with the Warp Pipes from the free Super Mario update, so they’re actually functional.

However. You can’t murder people in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as much as you might want, so a full game of Among Us probably isn’t quite possible. Maybe if you replaced “murder” with “hit yourself with mosquito nets”? This idea may require additional workshops.

Unfortunately, although the creator posted the dream address on Reddit (DA-5648-9931-8461), the island has been deleted by Nintendo for “inappropriate and / or harmful content” which means someone has reported it. This is why we cannot have beautiful things!

There are a lot of smart and creative ideas on the board – like using portapotties for motors and a closed engagement ring box like Big Red Button – and we’d love to know if you’ve spotted (and appreciated) any details. yourself. Let us know in the comments!

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