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Random: Nintendo Switch appears in the background of another Xbox video

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Not so long ago, we thought about future projects involving Microsoft and Nintendo, an article largely inspired by the fact that Xbox boss Phil Spencer had a Switch in his office during a video segment.

With VentureBeat reporter and industry insider Jeff Grubb suggesting that “almost everything“Included on Spencer’s office shelves is a clue of a kind, he certainly got chills about some sort of deal between the two hardware rivals.

It turns out that they really like the Switch on Xbox, because yesterday another of Nintendo’s hybrid systems was spotted behind Xbox executive Sarah Bond as she gave her speech:

So does the fact that the Switch keep bombarding photos of Xbox media events really mean anything? Maybe not – maybe Spencer and his team are having a little fun, or maybe, as gamers, they love the Switch just as much as we do (and, let’s not forget, it’s home to more than some games made on Xbox at the moment).

However, there has never been a PS5 on the shelf, and as Grubb puts it, Team Xbox love hide clues in plain sight.

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