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Prince Harry shares ‘pain and suffering’ of growing up in royal family

“I’m going to be vulnerable,” he said of sharing details about his mental health. “If I’m attacked for this, let’s see who’s attacking me.”

In the interview with Ms Winfrey in March, Meghan also shared her battles over mental health, saying she had struggled with suicidal thoughts when she was part of the royal family. Last year, she shared the trauma of a miscarriage in a essay published in the New York Times.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety have increased in many countries since the onset of the coronavirus crisis, and Harry said it was important to talk about feelings caused by the pandemic.

“We are now in the emotional phase,” said Harry, referring to a Times article on the feeling of languishing. “You just feel flat out. It’s not depressed, it’s certainly not flourishing, ”Harry said. “You lack energy and willpower, motivation, because you sit down and ask yourself, ‘What happens next?’

Harry said efforts like foundation of the Invictus games, a sporting event first held in 2014 and showcasing the talents of injured service members, had helped him cope with his own mental health challenges. “If we take care of our body and our body is injured, what do we do when our mind is injured?” he said.

Of his move to the United States, Harry said “that was not the plan”.

But, he added, “Sometimes you have to make decisions and put your family first, and your sanity first.”

And, once again, Harry was asked if he had seen the Netflix series “The Crown”.

“Elements of it,” he said.

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