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Protesters in Jordan march towards the Israeli border in support of the Palestinians.

AMMAN, Jordan – Thousands of protesters in Jordan, Israel’s western neighbor, marched towards the border on Friday morning, chanting slogans in solidarity with the Palestinians and waving Palestinian flags as Jordanian riot police surrounded them.

“We are here. Either we go down, or they will have to bring us back”, they sung, videos posted on social networks were broadcast. “In Palestine, in Palestine. We are going to Palestine. We are going by millions as martyrs to Palestine.

Arrived in buses and cars, the protesters called on the Jordanian government to open the border, where it has stepped up security in recent days amid growing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Before the protesters can reach the demarcation line, however, riot police blocked their way, videos and photos from social media at the scene were shown.

Jordanians were protesting near the Israeli embassy in Amman for several days, some of the greatest expressions of solidarity for Palestinians in a region that has otherwise responded slightly, if at all, to the outbreak of violence. Protesters called on the government to expel the Israeli ambassador.

Jordan’s 1994 treaty normalizing relations with Israel produced a cold peace at best between the two countries, and the latest conflict strained it even more. This week, Jordan summoned the Israeli charge d’affaires in Amman to condemn the Israeli “attacks on worshipers” around the grounds of the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s walled Old City, which played a major role in the war. outbreak of the current conflict.

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