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The medium hits PlayStation 5 in September

The wayBloober Team’s occult horror game is making its way to PlayStation 5. The title launched in January as one of the first (if not the first) Xbox Series X / S exclusive third party. The port adds full haptic feedback support for the DualSense controller.

The medium’s plot centers on Marianne, a spiritual medium summoned to an abandoned and heavily haunted hotel in Poland. Marianne is not only able to communicate with the dead, but she can access and traverse the spirit world alongside the living world. This is represented by a split screen where players simultaneously explore the physical and spiritual version of an area to access items and paths accessible on one side to open roads for the other. As Marianne commune with the spirits and uncovers the mystery of the hotel’s past as well as her own, she is hunted down by a malicious (and invisible) entity determined to make Marianne’s visit unpleasant.

The game had some cool ideas that ultimately didn’t live up to their potential. In his game review, GI editor Ben Reeves wrote:

“Some of the best horror games of the past decade have offered combat-free scares. After all, abandoned buildings are scarier when you can’t push back the shadows. However, The Medium’s lack of combat highlights the challenge of letting the atmosphere and puzzles carry a horror experience. The idea of ​​exploring divided realities is an interesting one, but Bloober Team needed another gameplay hook to hang its hat, because this horror show is a bit shallow.

Still, if you’re a PS5 owner looking for a new horror experience to bite your teeth into, you can circle September 3 as The Medium’s arrival date on the platform. On the same day, Bloober also released a special version of the game called The Medium: Two Worlds Special Edition. The physical set comes packaged in a Steelbook case and includes an artbook and soundtrack.

Are there any PS5 owners who have been curious to try The Medium? Let us know in the comments!

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