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Tunic – New gameplay today

Some games stop you dead the first time you see them. Titles such as Sable, Solar ash, and Tales of Cries have such unique visual styles, but none more than Tunic. Solo developer Andrew Shouldice set out to create a memorable ode to 2D Zelda titles from the past, but that’s far from painting a complete picture of this magnificent new action title.

As a member of ID @ Xbox demo event For this year, House Master Chief has rolled out a ton of new playable experiences featuring some of the most exciting indies coming out in 2021 and beyond. As part of this, Marcus Stewart, Ben Reeves and Alex Stadnik got to experience Tunic and share their thoughts with the lovely GI community.

One of the most striking things right off the bat is the deceptive difficulty of the game. Upon starting the demo, it becomes clear right away that players won’t be able to just spam the attack button and stay alive. Players will need to block, roll, and choose their attacks carefully, especially as enemies get bigger and more numerous. It almost feels like a Dark Souls game not only in its deliberate (though not as punitive) combat, but also in its checkpoint system, the way death is handled, and its mysterious world-building. If you’re curious what this looks like in action, we’re showing all of that and more in this fun episode of New Gameplay Today!

We unfortunately still don’t have a release date for Tunic, but we do know that Andrew Shouldice’s exciting new indie title is coming to Xbox (Game Pass too) and PC soon!

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