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Monster Hunter Stories 2 physical copy may not require download after all

Monster Hunter Stories 2© Capcom


It looks like this could be another example of a Capcom game having a printing error in the box – we all remember Resident Evil Revelations – as a North American gamer he got a copy earlier and said he can play the game with no downloads required. As you can see from our no-obligation approach, we don’t mean to say it’s 100% certain at this point, but given that there is no download requirement stated on the sales boxes. retail based in the EU, this appears to be a localized printing error.

We’ll keep an eye out for more definitive updates.

Original article:

Here’s some news that physical collectors will find quite concerning – the retail version of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin could potentially require a download. And it can be more than just a day one patch.

According to Nintendo Everything, photos he received of the box of the North American game (from a retail employee) seem to indicate that a download will be required to play the hard copy of the game. it says “download required” and on the back it says that the game requires a download of at least 15gb. The eShop file size list is 13.5gb.

While storage requirements aren’t necessarily an issue – especially if you have a MicroSD card, there’s always the issue of the physical copy not including the entire game, which some might feel contrary to the goal of buying a hard copy in the first place.

Capcom has made no mention of the game requiring a download of this size before and there is no reference elsewhere, so hopefully this is just a printing error. If we hear anything else, we’ll update this post.

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