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Soapbox: Could OLED Switch Really Make Nintendo’s Cheesy Table Dream A Reality?

Switch OLEDcoffeeshop© Nintendo

The “hybrid” concept of Switch has proven to be a significant and significant success for Nintendo over the past four years. It’s not just about sales numbers and huge profits, but it has brought the Nintendo brand back to the kind of influence it last enjoyed during the DS and Wii era, although the scandalous sales of these two systems together is unlikely to be matched. Nintendo is once again incredibly popular and prominent in the mainstream entertainment space, playing a major role in setting trends and activating store checkouts.

Arguably the magic of Switch is its flexibility – for some it’s a laptop, others a console, and in all likelihood most of us use it both. Yet Nintendo’s promotion of the material is often humorous – how to say — unrealistic. As my colleague Kate pointed out in her Internet reacts to OLED Switch roundupNintendo doesn’t seem to know how most people play games. It’s ambitious marketing, I guess.

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