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China opposes Russia using nuclear weapons against Ukraine

China opposes Russia using nuclear weapons against Ukraine

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

In a meeting with Scholz, Jinping noted that it was necessary to prevent an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine to the nuclear stage.

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Xi Jinping’s comments send a clear message to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin that nuclear threats represent a red line for China, giving Beijing common ground with the West. As Russia increasingly isolates itself from Western markets, Moscow’s reliance on Chinese economic and diplomatic support deepens.

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The Chinese and German leaders also discussed the common goal of ensuring global food security and the stability of the energy supply chain, disrupted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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On September 2, the United States said that China had shown no interest in discussing measures to reduce the risk of nuclear escalation. In recent years, China has embarked on a significant expansion of its nuclear forces.

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