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Random: Minecraft Teams Up With Burberry To Make Expensive Fancy Merch

Random: Minecraft Teams Up With Burberry To Make Expensive Fancy Merch

Burberry X Minecraft
Image: Burberry/Mojang

It may look more like a scrambled ice cream flavor, but Burberry X Minecraft is real, and it’s actually surprisingly enjoyable. Until you see the price, anyway.

The mega-popular voxel building game and fashion house have teamed up to create a number of limited-edition pieces, including a thousand-dollar hoodie, a Burberry plaid scarf with Minecraft flowers on it, and a Matching bucket hat and sweatpants.

But perhaps the crown jewel of the collection is the square scarf, which features a print of a Minecraft landscape:

Here is a complete list of what you can buy on the Burberry websiteif you feel like a spendthrift:

  • Cashmere scarf with checks and logo — $550 (sold out)
  • Landscape Print Square Cotton Scarf — $250 (coming soon)
  • Cotton gabardine bucket hat with applied logo — $530
  • Monogram Cotton Hoodie — $1,000
  • Waterloo Monogram Trench Coat — $2,990
  • Floral Embroidered Cotton Joggers – $720

For those of you who balk at buying an item of clothing over $25, we get it – but you’re not entirely out of this left-leaning venture, as Mojang has also announced a new free DLC called “Burberry: Freedom of Go Beyond”, which takes place in an alternate reality version of London that has been taken over by an evil force called the Nexus. You’ll need to restore it to its natural state by traveling to a number of realms, reviving Nature’s Guardians, and freeing animals.

Burberry X Minecraft
Image: Burberry/Mojang

There are also 15 free Choose from Burberry skins, some of which refer to actual merch, it’s almost like wearing it!

To download the free DLC, head to the minecraft marketplace.

This collaboration is also celebrated with a $100,000 donation to Conservation International, a charitable organization concerned with habitat conservation, forest protection and restoration, and support for native people. Players who also donate to Conservation International before December 31, 2022 will receive five additional Burberry-themed character accessories for Minecraft, including sunglasses, a cap and a backpack.