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The look at the difference shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server rental

Dedicated Server – Reasons To Rent It For Web Projects

Description: Thanks to modern internet technologies, it is relatively easy to rent a dedicated server but not all people understand why and how they can do that. This guide answers all the questions about such servers.

Reasons To Rent Dedicated Server

In the modern information era, a nicely working website means effective business. By creating online applications that will work perfectly and will support the most advanced technologies, it is possible to achieve incredible results by increasing the popularity of a product and making the brand much more accessible among internet users. All of that is not going to be possible without a dedicated server. It is recommended to rent server space for websites via online service. It will help to secure the storage in which the web project will be safely stored and usable.

The look at the difference shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server rental

Why It Is Recommended To Rent A Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server is a separate physical machine that is similar to a regular PC, but has a much bigger amount of storage that is designed specifically for web projects. The dedicated server service provides an opportunity of renting a web server that is going to be fast enough for any purpose of the client. There are a couple of advantages of dedicated rental server:

  • It is easy to control all the processes and to compute resources of a particular server.
  • Full control on the access to the server – no authorized user is going to be able to enter the server without admin permission.
  • Ability to install any operating system that will be better for the needs of a particular web project – it can be either Windows or Linux. Same goes to the software of these OS, as the owner of the server is free to use any kind of tool that is going to be handy for the purposes of the product.
  • The web application that is going to be stored on the dedicated servers is going to have the fastest speed and will operate without any interruptions from other projects that might have been installed on this server in case of shared hardware.

These are very simple and understandable statements that show why people should prefer a dedicated rental server instead of dealing with any other option that is currently available on the market. But in order to make sure that all of these benefits will work as intended, it is very important to choose a proper provider of such a service. The simplest recommendation is to use DeltaHost

Deltahost to rent a dedicated server. It is very easy to make an order even for people who have never dealt with anything related to web technologies.

How To Rent Dedicated Servers At DeltaHost Service

In order to place an order, the user just needs to open the official website of the DeltaHost service and click on the “Rent a Server” button at the top of the main page. It can be rented from the USA, Netherlands or Ukraine. This machine can be used for game projects, dynamic websites, 1C software, email service or remote work place. There should be no doubts about the reliability of this server, because it is available 24/7 thanks to the autonomic power supply. All the data is also protected thanks to the storage mirroring. Before the order will be placed the client is able to choose a desired configuration. If there are going to be any questions, it is possible to contact the customer support team by using a live chat on the site.