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Get utterly roasted by Carrot Weather’s new chatbot with ChatGPT update

Get utterly roasted by Carrot Weather’s new chatbot with ChatGPT update

“Greetings, meatbag.” Weather Carrotthe sneaky weather app that provides daily forecasts, has launched a ChatGPTbased on a chatbot that offers even more sass. The feature is rolling out globally today to iOS devices.

There are a lot of things you can do with Carrot AI beyond just chatting about the weather and being insulted. Users can also play text games, collaborate on story ideas and more. The feature has a limit of five messages that users receive for free. After that, you need to buy more through Carrot’s Tip Jar.

Carrot developer Brian Mueller told TechCrunch that you can even change the bot’s personality, such as making it more helpful, sarcastic, crazy, drunk, or bored. Other personality modes include suave, funny, disgusted, bored, gangster, cowboy, pirate and more.

There’s even a mode that Carrot calls “Fake News”, which turned out to be very hilarious when we tested it. See the response we got when we asked “Are birds real?” »

Picture credits: TechCrunch

The new ChatGPT-based chatbot is part of the new Carrot Weather version 5.10, which includes updates for Premium ($19.99/year) and Premium Ultra ($39.99/year) members like radar maps additional high-quality weather warnings in Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and almost all European countries, as well as the extension of government-issued weather alerts to other countries and territories such as Canada, Israel and the Europe.

Additionally, Carrot Weather has introduced more push notifications. For example, Premium Ultra members in Europe, Central America and the Caribbean now receive lightning notifications, so they are alerted to nearby lightning strikes.

There are also new Level 3 NEXRAD (Next Generation Weather Radar) radar station products like Storm Total Accumulation to track severe weather in the United States. Features are only available to Premium Ultra subscribers. NEXRAD is a network of 160 high-resolution radars operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service.

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