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Giant Squid Reveals Sword Of The Sea

Giant Squid Reveals Sword Of The Sea

Today’s PlayStation Showcase revealed Sword of the Sea, a new game from Giant Squid, the development team behind Abzu and The Pathless.

The new game’s most striking visuals come from a vast wasteland reminiscent of this gaming company’s journey. It’s no coincidence, since the founder of Giant Squid is Matt Nava, who was previously art director at thatgamecompany. But while this new game is bound to draw strong comparisons to that classic title, there were a few notable on-screen differences. First, the desert itself is much more like a flowing sea, and the character you control is like a surfer moving through the water. In certain sequences, the desert seems to turn into water, suggesting a mystery at the heart of the game.

In the footage shown, we see an emphasis on flow motion for the protagonist as he crosses the sand and escapes from the half pipes. From the surrounding descriptions of the game, we know that you control a character named the Wraith, who has been brought back to life to revive a ruined world, while facing off against vast leviathans that try to block progress.

Sword of the Sea is coming to PS5, but no release date has yet been announced.

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